• Gift Certificate - 3 Hour Virtual Interior Design Consultation

Gift Certificate - 3 Hour Virtual Interior Design Consultation

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Congratulations! You are about to Give the Gift of Design!! TANNA BY DESIGN’s Virtual Interior Design Consultation, an eDesign ‘do-it-yourself’ online option to assist with interior design questions.
This will be their choice! Spending Three Hours online designing anyway they select. Your gift will give them the chance to have a one on one conversation regarding their design project. And, get valuable design advice from one of the top interior designers in the Northwest!
Thinking about painting your cabinets or buying new? Debating between a gold or silver finish?
Searching for the perfect area rug? Can't decide which color to paint your Living Room?
Thinking about buying various accents pieces, but not sure if they work with your decor?
You will begin by purchasing the Virtual Interior Design Consultation (on this page) to get started. You will set up your secure account in MyDoma (our online platform to manage the gift certificate).
Be sure to fill out all of the requested information completely so that we can verify when your gift certificate is claimed.
Once completed, you will have access to all of the tools necessary for you TO PRESENT YOUR GIFT. On the left column of your Studio is where you will find a PDF download of the Gift Certificate in FILES & MEDIA. You can simply email the pdf to the recipient or you may print it and prepare to give in person.
Once your Certificate has been given to the recipient, they will simply contact us via email to claim their gift. We will verify your gift based on the information you provided when you purchased.
As an example, below are other questions that can be answered:

  1. I have an awkward ceiling height, where should I hang my drapery rod?
  2. What color should I paint my child's bedroom?
  3. My Living Room area rug keeps slipping, any suggestions?
  4. I have purchased a chandelier to go over my dining room table, how high off the table should I hang it?
  5. I can't decide between two finishes, can you help?
  6. I have selected a fabric for my dining chairs but I am worried about stains and spills?
  7. I have found the perfect coffee table but not sure which finish, can you help me choose based on my provided options?
  8. Are blinds still in style, can you give me your opinion?
  9. I have selected my paint colors, but I don't know how to combine them, what are your thoughts?
  10. How much should my countertop overhang for my kitchen stools?

*Fees Included
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